What are # (Hashtags) and how can they help grow your business?


If you’re a boxing fan than you know most recently the biggest boxing fight ever, was between Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao. The fight took a long time to make and the hype around the fight was just unbelievable. Because of the magnitude of both fighters a typical media press tour of both fighters was not necessary but that does not mean social media conversations didn’t stop from happening. Both fight camps decided to use the Hashtag #MayPac to promote the fight. What does this all mean for all of us?

To break this down to simplest form, let’s find out what the symbol # mean. The symbol # is used by social media networks to bring people or topics to one place. The person who wants to bring attention to a certain topic can voice their opinions by just using the hashtag in a conversation. Unlike groups or emails where people have to join first in order to voice their opinions, hashtags allows anyone to join the conversation quickly and easily.


Now that we know a little bit about hashtags, let us show you how it is useful to use them in your business. Say you are having an event or a product lunch it is best to pick a hashtags that associates around your company branding. You can quickly start promoting your brand by having photo contest, giveaway contest, placing hashtags in print materials such as magazine or newspaper ads, TV commercials and online ads.

Here are a couple of do’s and don’ts of using hashtags,


– Do be consistent when using hashtags – Use hashtags in social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Google + and Twitter.

– Do make it a word or phrase.

– Do use Hashtags.org – This site allows you to find trending hashtags.

– Do use Trendsmap.com – Allows you to visually see geographic hashtag trends in your area. As a business owner, this is a great way to quickly know what’s trending in your area.

– Do track and measure your success with hashtag analytics.


– Don’t go too long with hashtags – You don’t want people to over type or over think your hashtag.

– Don’t have more than one hashtags for your event, product or ads.

– Don’t hashtags everything.

We would love to know, what are your success stories or strategies when using Hashtags. Simply comment or share below.  🙂

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