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Stuck on an idea but don’t know what to do? Find out 3 ways how Amazon can help!

In the movie, The Wolf of Wall Street Matthew McConaughey says to Leonardo Dicaprio if the stock goes up don’t call your client; just think of another brilliant idea. Today ideas are all around us and sometimes we all get stuck on how to really see if our ideas are good enough to the market place. A lot of us struggle with common thoughts of what do I really know, how do I get started or what if it doesn’t workout?

Thanks to places like Google & Amazon we can quickly find out if our ideas have merit on solving a problem or making a profit in the market place with our ideas. Let’s be honest, a lot of us use the term “Google It” to find out things we don’t know. Google is a great place to start but it does not give you the full knowledge of a topic or a product.

Here are 3 ways on how you can put Amazon to use.

Number One: Amazon gives you the ability to do comprehensive research. Comprehensive research can be opening up an index page of a certain book and looking at the common authors who are writing about the topics that interest you or relates to the topic that you are looking for. For example, if you’re doing research on car engines you can quickly open up a book on car engines and see some of the topics that the author choose to write about. Remember the author who published the book did all the research for you on what the market wants to know about car engines.

Topics like,

– How Car Engines Work…

– Engine Building Tools…

– Engine Assembly…

– Engine Cylinder Heads…

Number Two: Amazon gives you the ability to quickly see if there is a demand for the product that you are trying to create or sell. By typing in the products name you can quickly determine if there is a lot of competition for your product. You can even look at the reviews and see if the people are happy with the product, which ties in to research once again. The reviews section can quickly tell us what the person likes and dislikes about the product. By reading all the reviews we can quickly modify or improve our product accordingly. Just think of all the time and money you would save by just reading other people’s pain.

Number Three: With Amazon’s 245 million plus users we have the ability to sell your products directly on Amazon. Yes it is true Amazon does take some of our profits for selling on there website but think of all the free advertisements that they do on your behalf. Amazon spends millions on advertisements and customer accusations every year and it is only fair to give back.

Let us know what sources you use to expand your ideas on getting on stuck and what sources you use to do research, testing and selling.

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