Find out how to eliminate your client’s pain by just sending an invoice


Let’s face it none of us like to get bills let alone opening up mail that has an invoice in it from our wonderful vendors.   Yes our vendors do a good job on servings us so that we can serve our clients and yes they have their own families to support as well. However, how can we get our own customers excited on receiving an invoice from us and not just avoiding us?

Here is a quick tip on how you can get your clients excited on receiving an invoice from you. Everyone loves to get gifts especially if they are free and especially if it is $1 scratch-off lottery ticket. Just think of the possibilities of getting another gift of winning.


On an outgoing invoice make sure the client receive a colorful postcard with a $1 scratch-off lottery ticket glued to it with your company branding so that they remember you even more. A one-line message can say, “You’re a Winner with US!” To go a step further you can even include a Winners phone number for clients to call in and brag about their winnings while sharing the good news. The process makes you stand out while encouraging clients to remember and interact with your brand.

By having $1 investment clients can order more services from you while looking forward to your invoices. Like they always say, “imagine what a buck could do”.

Let us know your thoughts and strategies in the comments below. We would love to hear, how you or your business stands out from the rest.

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