How to track people’s behaviors when they are on our website?


With today’s technology privacy is everything. It’s no surprise big companies are trying to see and track what we do every single moment. They use technology to better under our behaviors and habits so that they can sell the data to third party companies or use the data for themselves. Third party companies use the data to market to us by knowing the things we like and don’t like. Remember companies spend thousands if not millions just to grab out attention so that we go specifically to the page or content that is most interesting to us.

In fact, some website that we might go to everyday use the same technology to improve there website performance, conversion rates and user behaviors. What are we talking about? We are talking about website heat maps.


Website heat maps help us understand why someone clicked or scrolled down to a particular page or product. Heat maps helps us understand which content to keep or takeaway. Heat maps help us understand click thru rates (CTR’s). Click thru rates are used to see what exactly a person is doing or clicking when coming to a particular page on the website. It is important to have all information right at the top of the webpage and specific call to actions that a person might want to click on.

Like, navigational tabs of the website, promotional coupons, phone number for contacting us quickly and useful relevant information that the person is looking for.

We only have about 10 seconds to really captivate people’s attention, make them trust us, and most of all make them come back for more. Let us know your results of using a heat map and the analytics of your click thru rates.

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